Alex Niggemann – Orion


Alex Niggemann – Orion


Alex Niggemann


Co-Writing and Production, Mix and Arrangement


Alex Niggemann ​​continues the cosmic journey with ​Orion – ​heady bass and glitchy beats are laced with a small, harmonic synth section. This flows perfectly into the synth-led, broken-beat vibe of ​Third Son’s ​​Hypernormalisation. The next offering comes from LPZ ​​who continues with the broken-beat theme adding a crescendo of clashing cymbals on ​In My Mind.​ ​Echonomist ​​delivers the penultimate track in the shape of ​Loosing Less a driving number with a racing and pulsating heartbeat. ​Radeckt ​​closes the album on a high with ​Raven – ​a carefully crafted, playful slice of techno.