Overflow is a  sharable, audio-visual and interactive installation created for Toyota’s C-HR Festival by flora&faunavisions.

Projections onto several semi-transparent surfaces turn OVERFLOW into a unique walk-through-space experience. Inspired by the art of sampling and the coupling of image and sound, OVERFLOW imparts the logic and structure of music, shown by reference to three different musical genres and periods:

Classical Music: Flowing and dynamic movements accompanied by classical music represent a ride through serpentine mountain roads.

Funk: Nightly patterns of light in a lively and sparkling city, accompanied by pulsing and repetitive funky music stand for a typical night drive and a car full of friends.

Minimal: Central perspective movements  and stirring minimal beats symbolize a racy drive on a long and straight highway.

The generated sounds and visuals are based on the interaction with the visitors / users who create their self-composed piece by selecting three different options of each instrument per single track. The self-created work can be instantly uploaded to several social media channels.
All those combined result in a beautiful and poetic experience of (over)flowing sounds in dark space.


  • Toyota CH-R Festival - Overflow


  • flora&faunavisions


  • Composition
  • Sound Design
  • Production