Interactive sound installation


“Floating Sounds” is an interactive sound installation designed and programmed by flora&faunavisions. The immersive installation is inspired by the art of sampling, synaesthesia and the rich history of electronic music. Its visual language corresponds to the same leitmotif – an analogue, haptic language influenced by artists of the early 20th century, such as pioneering animator Oskar Fischinger and painter Wassily Kandinsky who had researched the connection between sound and imagery.
A layered projection on multiple semi-transparent surfaces made “Floating Sounds” a walkable audio-visual experience. Each visual element of the installation corresponded to a musical instrument and rhythm. The media historic element of punch cards, integral to the first automated machinery and data processing systems, served as transmission medium. Using vvvv (a hybrid visual/textual live-programming environment) patterns designed on the punch cards by the visitors, triggered the installation creating an individual and poetic experience of sounds floating in the dark.


  • Telekom Electronic Beats - Floating Sounds


  • flora&faunavisions