New Tiefschwarz EP on Studio Kreuzberg


Tiefschwarz – Echo 1/2




Co-Writing and Production


Delectable duo Tiefschwarz bring a new experience to Studio Kreuzberg, a 2 part EP with Timo Mass remixing; ‘Echo 1/2′. ‘Echo 1’ opens the gate with a high-caliber leftfield-burner; turning the night to day with an electrifying tactile aesthetic. The boys lay down the heat immediately with a series of intense interactions and precarious percussive planes pushing the pressure pleasantly. With their best foot forward and a shimmer in their eye, we come to ‘Echo 2’, a kind of alternate continuation or perhaps re-imagination of the situation, sharing many elements laid out to create an efficient afterhour vibe that plays the long game. It keeps a steady heat as the tensions play out and injecting the right amount of juice at the right moment for the late night burner. Timo Mass takes on ‘Echo 2’ and doesn’t let up, he pushes the track harder, and squeezing out a technoid hybrid with serious late night flavor. Effective as it is eclectic, this remix is a dancefloor banger from beginning to end.